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The Top 3 Questions You Need to Ask Your BA Candidates

The Top 3 Questions You Need to Ask Your BA Candidates
We know that designing a winning demo starts with one single factor: hiring the right Brand Ambassador. The quality of your BA can have the single most important impact to the bottom line on your investment. Therefore, you would be wise to spend some quality time preparing an interview process that will result in only GREAT brand ambassadors representing you.

Recently, we published an eBook that outlines the top 10 questions you should be asking those BA candidates to help identify the extraordinary. In this blog post, we’re giving away the first three – read on to get a sneak peek! If you’re the skip-ahead type, that’s okay too – you can download the full book here.


1. “Tell me about my brand.”

The best advocates out there who are looking to land an amazing Brand Ambassador position will arrive and be completely knowledgeable about your brand and its mission. On the contrary, if your candidate arrives to the interview and doesn’t know your brand mission,  end the interview quickly. You can only imagine how invested they will be in spreading the word about your brand during the demo if they didn’t even care enough to read about it before the interview. Now, by all means. If you are looking for a warm body, go ahead and teach that rep to sell your brand’s mission. But if your mission is to spread the love for your brand, make sure that you are sending someone who will truly advocate for your brand. Working with agencies in addition to your own team? Ask your demo agencies to only send BA’s who like your product. Offer to send free product for the reps so they can try your product for free, and you can more easily get the right person for the gig! Amazing demos happen when you carefully select a brand ambassador who knows and cares about your brand well enough to spread the (correct) word and mission. 

2. “Tell me about your best demo ever, from start to finish.”

An experienced brand ambassador will know the rhythm of a successful demo, and be able to repeat it again and again. That tenured experience of a brand rep who has been in dozens of stores will pay you back dividends. Why? Because the relationship between that Ambassador and your store staff is a pivotal piece in keeping your store managers happy. Your BA will be the front line, the face they see and the attitude they remember when they recollect the interaction and your brand later. If your candidate isn’t able to spout off the typical steps of a demo (sign in, check in with store staff, count inventory, setup table, etc.), they probably haven’t had that many to speak of. Training is always an option, but take a note from Benjamin Franklin and remember that experience keeps a “dear school” and it will give your brand the elevation it needs to stand alone on the shelf and possibly even convert your store staff into brand advocates too.  

3. “Describe a few ways that you measure your Demo Success”

Reporting from the field will make or break your ability to measure your program, so prioritize your data by ensuring your candidate can actually do it accurately! Hiring a metric-minded Ambassador to report back from the front lines will keep your product moving off the shelf and increase the overall effectiveness of your retail demo program. If your candidate doesn’t know how to calculate sales or track sample counts by variety, you may want to keep looking. Do you really want to question the results of your data because one of your BA’s couldn’t handle the simple math of beginning and ending inventory? Data is everything, so making sure your BA can recognize consumer behavior and provide excellent feedback. You will be thankful when you can truly grasp the true story in-store (and not the Ambassador’s fairy tale).

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up…

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