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The Evolution of Promomash

The Evolution of Promomash
Introducing Promomash Version 3. What did we do, and why did we do it?

The entire team here at Promomash is extraordinarily happy to inform you that the next generation of the Promomash demo management platform is almost here! This latest version of your favorite demo management tool takes you to a whole new level of beauty, functionality, simplicity, and speed. We basically rewrote our entire platform from scratch. All for you.

You might be asking, "Why did you guys go back to the lab and spend the last few months overhauling a tool that was already great?" To understand that, you need to understand what's behind Promomash.

At Promomash, everything we do is for YOU. 

Rising to next level-01.pngWe created Promomash in order to dramatically improve the in-person marketing industry, and the lives of everyone in it. Why? It turns out that Yuval, one of our founders, knows firsthand how costly and inefficient (and downright painful) running a demo program can be. He was doing exactly that for his own organic skincare company, l’uvalla. At first, he was more or less forced to do demos to support his rapidly growing list of retailers. But he soon realized that demos were by far the best and most profitable kind of marketing that brands could do – if the demos were done well. But the logistics of a moderate-size demo program were so clunky that managing them well was almost impossible. And money and time were flowing right down the drain.

He thought, “There must be a better way.” But everywhere he looked, managers and execs were in the same boat: No good solution existed. So, we created one. And that’s what Promomash is – a better way of managing demos and events.

After a brief period of testing our first (beta) version of the platform in 2015, we went live with the 2nd version of the platform in early 2016. If you've been a client up until now, v2 is what you have been using. And v2 has been great – capturing in a clean, simple, integrated, cloud-based application more of what managers need help on than anyone else, ever. Our clients range from startups that don't even have a demo program, to large brands who manage thousands of demos per month on the Promomash platform. We've loved v2, and it has been a reliable servant for both our clients and us.

That said, we aren't the kind of company to sit around and pat ourselves on the back. We are innovators – and we are constantly and humbly searching for new ways that we can serve our customers even better.

Rising to next level-03.png

So when our CTO Oleg told us that there were new technologies we could use to create great benefits for our clients, we jumped on it... even if it meant we had to rewrite the whole platform. Which we did :)

There's lots to tell you about – everything from look and feel, to user experience, to new features, to design philosophy. We'll be unveiling these in the next few days leading up to our official release on February 27. 

Test Drive?!?
We have something for you early-adopter personalities who want to get your hands on Version 3 even before it's cleared for release: for the first time ever, we are offering a Beta test drive. Just click here and log in using your current credentials. Our Client Happiness team is standing by via support@promomash.com, eagerly awaiting your feedback (we equally appreciate praise, complaints, and bug reports).

If you aren’t an early adopter, then relax and stay tuned as we reveal all the new (and time-saving) features in the next few days.

We look forward to rolling this out with you in the coming week! You're going to love Version 3!

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