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Spacestation CPG and Promomash Cooperate to Transform How Emerging Brands Work with Retailers

Spacestation CPG and Promomash Cooperate to Transform How Emerging Brands Work with Retailers

The CPG industry serves more humans than any other in this world. And yet when it comes to digital transformation and modernization, it’s the most archaic – laden with paper trails, spreadsheets, and inefficiency at every turn.

What’s more, the nature of the consumer goods supply chain itself – with its layers of brokers and distributors between the brand and the retailer – mean that networks and relationships predominantly determine success. It also means that new, otherwise innovative startup and emerging brands are often at an immediate disadvantage if they can’t efficiently manage those networks and relationships.

Today two firms with roots in the CPG industry – Spacestation CPG and Promomash – are coming together to solve this long-standing problem. Under the partnership, the first of its type in the industry, Spacestation CPG, the first “Anti-Broker” CPG brokerage, will use Promomash as its “single source of truth” system to manage trade promotion activities and performance for its entire portfolio of emerging brand clients.


“We’re thrilled to be able to work with Spacestation CPG to take this step towards helping more brands survive and thrive in retail,” said Yuval Selik, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Promomash. “Kimball and Corey are visionaries who are changing the game in a way that will give brands the fair shake they deserve to succeed. And we’re proud to be able to power that transformation.”

Unlike billion-dollar CPG companies, startup and emerging brands do not have the resources at their disposal needed to see or sufficiently understand the financial impact of the retail and trade promotion decisions that the industry forces them to make on a daily basis. Being able to predict how a promotion will affect product sales and profitability with some level of confidence is critical in order to negotiate beneficial deals with customers. The Promomash Trade Promotion Management platform provides the ability to create, organize and track all of a brand’s promotions across all of its retail customers. In addition, it assists in planning future promotions with a calculator that models what a promotion’s outcome could look like under several different scenarios.

“We see the use of Promomash at Spacestation CPG as a great opportunity for us to partner with buyers and enable better execution,” said Kimball Wilson, Co-Founder at Spacestation CPG. “As a negotiation tool, to be able to say, ‘here’s what the ROI can be for you if we’re able to make this tweak to the deal’ is a no-brainer for a brokerage and something that I see setting Spacestation CPG apart from others.”

Through this partnership the two companies aim to level the playing field for smaller CPG brands to succeed in stores by turning the typical broker-brand relationship on its head – while arming brands with the tools and insights that can improve leverage and change the conversation with retailer customers.

“When we say we’re Anti-Broker, we’re not saying it just to rebel,” said Corey Jensen, Co-Founder at Spacestation CPG. “We want to be rebels with a purpose…we want to change the industry. We’re against traditional brokerage, which hasn’t represented the interests of brands very well. I believe that using processes and tools like Promomash, we’re putting the brand and retailer first and raising the bar for brokers, which helps us all win together.”


About Spacestation CPG

Spacestation CPG was founded in 2021 to help startup and emerging CPG brands navigate the complexities of getting into and succeeding in retail. Backed by a team with over a decade of experience in operations and category management, its founders – former retail buyers and self-described “Anti-Brokers” – have a history of picking and developing winning brands and building incredible networks in CPG. Spacestation CPG is a division of The Spacestation, an incubator and online media company that manages a roster of top influencers and produces hundreds of millions of views’ worth of content every month. Learn more at www.spacestationcpg.com.

About Promomash

Promomash started up in 2015 after co-founder and CEO Yuval Selik watched his own CPG skin care product line fail on store shelves. He felt that there needed to be a way to help new founders and startups more easily navigate the complex journey that is promoting and surviving in retail. Today, Promomash is a complete software and services platform with offerings in Trade Promotion Management, Field Sales and Broker Management, Settlement and Deduction Management, Field Marketing Management, and Brand Ambassador Recruiting and Training. Learn more at www.promomash.com.

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