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The Promomash + Crisp Partnership Celebrates One Year, a Client Milestone & Industry Award Win

The Promomash + Crisp Partnership Celebrates One Year, a Client Milestone & Industry Award Win

Every now and then you come across partnerships that are so synergistic, you just know they were meant to be. When Promomash and Crisp partnered last year, we knew the impact was going to be big. But one year later, it's truly undeniable. From being recognized with an industry award to providing a real impact on a fast growing group of brands across CPG, we couldn't be more pleased with the progress we've made so far. And the best part is it's only just begun! Here are some highlights from the first 365 days of this groundbreaking partnership, and a sneak peek of what to expect in 2024.

Joint Solution Earns Spot in Food Logistics' 2023 Top Software & Tech Awards

Our joint solution with Crisp provides a cutting-edge solution that tackles the complexities common in the CPG industry. Using the combination of the Promomash trade management platform and the Crisp data integration solution, CPG brands and their teams can now discover insights they never would have been able to before, allowing them to make more timely, informed decisions that impact profitability in a real way. That's why we were thrilled when we learned that the Promomash + Crisp joint solution was awarded a spot on Food Logistics Magazine's Top Software & Tech Awards list for 2023!

This award recognizes aspects of Promomash + Crisp that are better together. While the award focuses on its capabilities for supply chain visibility, it's just one use case of many unique challenges CPG brands face daily - including trade spend management, promotion management, performance analytics and monitoring, profit and loss management, and more. We extend our gratitude to Food Logistics for recognizing the significance of this solution.

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A Milestone Achieved: One Hundred Brands Impacted

Since joining forces with Crisp, we have been able to positively impact 100 CPG brands and counting. The collaboration with Crisp has empowered our mutual clients to make data-driven promotional decisions, optimize trade spend strategies, and enhance overall operational day to day efficiency. Here are some examples of how Promomash + Crisp has empowered our mutual clients to see their businesses clearly for the first time.

The Honey Pot

Feminine wellness brand The Honey Pot grew quickly and needed to find a way to manage their data and trade spend outside of a clunky old-fashioned spreadsheet. They turned to Promomash + Crisp and the results have been incredible! The joint solution has enabled them to see the real return on their investment. Read their full story here.

“Having a platform that’s as agile as Promomash, with Crisp data included, is making it easier for our teams to discern real trends and insights over time versus making a lot of assumptions and never knowing if they were true or not,” said Chelsea De Loughy, Director of Sales. “I’m excited for what’s ahead with Promomash + Crisp and what we will learn from our business.” 

Manzana Products / North Coast Organic

The 100-year old company Manzana Products, known for its all-natural apple cider and sauces, was struggling in a major way to better understand its trade spend: where and how to optimize promotions, and identifying opportunities to negotiate better deals with customers. In the first seven months of service, the team of Promomash deduction experts were able to not just lift that veil of mystery, but recover enough in invalid deductions to produce a 250% ROI on its subscription with Promomash. But that was just the beginning. 

The team is currently focused on bringing a daily feed of category sales data from Crisp straight into Promomash. This will allow the team to fully realize the power of the promotion-level ROI and P&L reporting in Promomash – and be able to see the plan vs the actual sales results side by side. Read their full story here.

The Impact of Promomash + Crisp Across CPG

From Kroger to Target, Whole Foods to Walmart and more, many of the brands benefiting from the Promomash + Crisp partnership are thriving on shelves because they have more visibility into their customers and performance than ever before. Brands like Honey Mama's, Clearly Canadian, Jones Soda and so many others also have their own stories to tell. CPG is challenging, but without data it's impossible. And to take it one step further, even having the data is of no use if it's overwhelming, messy and in several places. That's what Promomash + Crisp together were built to solve.  

Looking Ahead to 2024

In 2024, when it comes to the Promomash + Crisp partnership and integration you can expect more...well, integration. This year, we innovated in the area of field marketing and in-store demo performance by integrating Crisp data into a comprehensive Field Marketing reporting suite that does what was previously impossible - reveal actual sales from in-store demos. As Promomash continues to innovate, so will our ability to embed the intelligence and data Crisp offers into our solutions. In early 2024, this will focus specifically on the area of planning and forecasting. Stay tuned! 

So now that you know more about what we've accomplished with Crisp in the last year and what's to come, aren't you curious about how your brand could benefit? See what all the buzz is about and how we're empowering brands towards a more profitable future. And if you're the skeptical type, we'll even give you a no-obligation, 30-day free trial of Promomash + Crisp together to see the value for yourself!   

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