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Introducing CPGenius by Promomash: How We Help Brands Run Their Business Better.

Introducing CPGenius by Promomash: How We Help Brands Run Their Business Better.

Santa’s elves aren’t the only ones who were working their tails off over the 2023 holidays.

While many were celebrating and relaxing with their families and friends, here at Promomash we quietly dropped a bomb on the CPG industry: a new website and the introduction of a new brand that brings the 3-year evolution of our products & services full circle.  

That evolution started in 2015 with a focus on field marketing – then progressed from 2020 on to helping brands manage deductions, trade spend, profit & loss – and now recently added to that list are sales commissions, forecasting, and planning 

Today, we help brands run all aspects of their revenue-generating business. But we didn’t just start today. We’ve been progressively building up to this point behind the scenes over the last three years…and collecting client successes along the way. 

Here's a quick 2-minute intro to CPGenius:



So how do you articulate to the world who you are and what you do as a company when you’ve gone through so many changes in a relatively short time? This was a question that could only be answered with time and ongoing learning from bands, both prospects and clients.  

Eventually it became clear that with our TradeGenius trade management, DeductionGenius deduction management, and DemoGenius field marketing software and services, we help brands optimize their CPG – but not the CPG you might think. It’s the CPG that determines life or death for a brand. 

C for Cash Flow 

P for Profitability 

G for Growth 

Now what is the best way to describe products and services that support brands so critically on a day-to-day basis, in a way that no other vendor has before? And how do you describe those things that uniquely set us apart, like our CPG founder experience and partnership with Crisp? Our aim has always been to make something that is very complex look and feel simple. Some would describe that as genius. So, we decided to call it CPGenius by Promomash. 

We could go on and on about our new, unified portfolio and messaging, but we’d rather point you to the new Promomash.com to convey it all. Take a look around, and if you want to learn more you’ll know where to find us! 

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