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12 Ways Promomash + Crisp Will Make You a CPGenius

12 Ways Promomash + Crisp Will Make You a CPGenius

There are many ways to be a genius, but to become one in CPG is next-level. We call that CPGenius.

To reach CPGenius status is to achieve something 80%+ of brands don't: long-term, sustainable success at the shelf. And in an industry as tough as CPG, that is a remarkable achievement. 

So how do you reach that status? How does one become a #CPGenius? Keep reading for 12 tips, or you can skip the scrolling and watch the quick video below.

(Hint: Even we at Promomash can't do it alone. We count on our great partners at Crisp to jointly provide a solution that truly is genius.)

No more flying blind in retail. No more surprises with trade spend.

Crisp and Promomash are each a powerful tool on their own, but when used together the value is exponential and the possibilities are limitless. That’s why it’s CPGenius. (Crisp + Promomash = Genius). So without further ado, let’s dig in, shall we? Here are 12 ways Promomash + Crisp will make you a CPGenius.

1.  REAL retail visibility.

Get a clear picture of what’s happening across your retailers in Crisp – real-time, not 1-2 months later.

2.  No more data downloads.

Goodbye, Manual Mondays! No more spending hours downloading individual vendor portal reports into Excel each week. 

3.  Retail data harmony.

Crisp gives you all of your data, harmonized across retailers, all in one place.

4.  Avoid voids.

Quickly spot voids or out-of-stocks and take action to get products back on the shelf.

5.  Smarter inventory management.

Understand demand and inventory levels to get the right products to the right stores.

6.  Data-Driven expansion.

Know which stores should carry your products and make a strong, data-driven distribution case to buyers.

7.  Done-for-you deductions.

Promomash deduction management includes a team of actual humans validating and disputing captured deductions on your behalf, along with super-detailed analytics.

8.  All data connected seamlessly.

The Promomash + Crisp integration takes rich, external POS and shipment data and connects it to your UPCs, customers, and promotions in Promomash – and you don’t need to lift a finger.

9.  Rich promo reporting.

Out-of-the-box detailed reporting on spend (including deduction details) and actual sales by SKU, period, customer, and more.

10.  Plan vs. Actual spend.

Immediately understand your planned spend, actualized and matched to deduction chargebacks in real-time to take action before it’s too late.

11.  Next-day promo results.

See actual lift, spend, sales, and ROI in Promomash with Crisp data the day after a promotion is completed.

12.  REAL trade rate.

With all historical trade spending captured in Promomash – even deductions – layered with actuals from Crisp, you’ll have a more accurate forecast and trade rate.

Become a CPGenius.

Request a demo to see how Promomash + Crisp work together to make your retail business unstoppable. Let's talk about your specific challenges and explore ways our partnership can benefit your business.
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