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Whole Foods Market Resumes Open and Serve Demos

Whole Foods Market Resumes Open and Serve Demos

Big news! In an open email to all suppliers, Whole Foods Market announced that Open and Serve Demos will resume starting July 19, 2021 in the majority of stores in all regions for both Guest and Hosted Demos.

First Costco's, then Sam's, and now the leading venue, Whole Foods Market, is back on the open sampling bandwagon! They've seen (and missed) the tremendous impact the in-store sampling experience makes on foot traffic, customer loyalty, and repeat purchases. Most of all, shoppers want samples back! According to a new Ad Age-Harris Poll, 65% of respondents said they would partake in in-store sampling once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

This only means the inevitable: that all other venues will soon be reopening their demo programs. To date, nearly 18,000 locations nationwide are allowing in-store demos.

Check out our Promomap to see the latest updates

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Don't get left behind.

If your brand is considering starting (or re-starting) your in-store demo program, time is of the essence. Scheduling capacity remains limited at many retailers who are slowly returning operations back to normal (or as close to pre-pandemic conditions as they will get). Many brands depend on sampling to drive trial, and after over a year of not being able to, there is some pent-up demand that may make scheduling a slot even more challenging. 
Whether you're ready to go or not sure where to start, one thing is for sure - our team here at Promomash can help you figure it all out. And don't forget - our Promomap is also available as a free resource and updated. Check out the map to see a list of all retailers allowing in-store demos and merchandising activities.


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