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Social Sampling Now Available for Promomash Clients

Social Sampling Now Available for Promomash Clients

Emerging brands
looking for a new - or additional - creative way to get their product into consumers' hands now have an option available to them through Promomash: Social Sampling.


What is Social Sampling?

With Social Sampling, brands have the opportunity to distribute their packaged samples to hundreds of households in targeted geographic areas on a monthly basis (right now, these areas are limited but expanding in the future). Every month, opted-in consumers receive a carefully curated box of varied free product samples. In exchange for this delivery of goodies, consumers commit to posting about their experience with the brand(s) on social media. Consumers get free stuff, and emerging brands have the opportunity to drive trial and hook in new customers at scale - all while getting increased exposure on social media with more people @tagging and #hashtagging their brand. Is that a win-win or what?

samplebox_example Social Sampling


What's in it for brands?

📢 Organic social media buzz around the brand
😍 Opportunity to drive trial and delight potential customers at scale
💬 Ability to collect feedback with customizable questions
📊 Detailed reporting including social posts & feedback
📁 One place to manage ALL sampling programs (that's Promomash)

That last perk can't be emphasized enough. Having the ability to manage all programs from one place is critical to be able to compare the performance and ROI of each channel and campaign.


Where do brands learn more and sign up?

If you're already an active Promomash client, that's easy - just contact us to learn more and get going. If you're not a Promomash client yet, or a past client, let's talk! Just click below to schedule a brief meeting to answer any questions, discuss your needs and get your brand set up for success.



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