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How 2020 Changed CPG Marketing & Promotion for Emerging Brands: A Panel Discussion

FEATURED PANELISTS: Ted Ning, Founder, Forum for Naturals; Betsy Frost, CMO, Dry Soda; and Jeff Wong, CMO, Country Archer

1 hour
Ramping Your Brand: How to Ride the Killer CPG Growth Curve

Featuring James Richardson, PhD, Founder at Premium Growth Solutions and author of "Ramping Your Brand"

1 hour
Supporting Retail Growth with Demos in the Post-COVID Era

Featuring Jessica Shields, Founder at Health & Fitness Activations and Tina White, Head of Marketing at Brainiac Kids

1 hour
The Make-or-Break Factor for Growing a Natural Brand in Retail

Featuring Kurt Kaiser, VP Sales at Promomash and Yuval Selik, CEO at Promomash

1 hour
Three-Part Webinar Series: Master the Shelf

Featuring Dan Lohman of Brand Secrets and Strategies and Yuval Selik, CEO at Promomash

3 hours
1099 vs W-2? It’s Time to Learn the Pros + Cons

Featuring Jessica Jimenez, Compliance & Legal Affairs Manager at Atrium and Grace Wilson, Director of Client Success at Promomash

1 hour